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Public institution Žemaičiai Regional Ethnocultural Center was established by the Šilutė District Municipal Council in 2001. September 27 by decision no. 218. Public institution The Samogitian Region Ethnocultural Center is a public non-profit institution established from the property and funds of Šilutė District Municipality, operating in the field of culture and providing public services in this field to members of the public. 2009 February 26 Šilutė Municipal Council Decision No. T1-869 public institution was transformed into a municipal budgetary institution. Office seat: Pergalės a. 15, LT-9206, Žemaičių Naumiestis, Šilutė district, Republic of Lithuania.


The main goals of the Samogitian Region Ethnocultural Center are:

  • To take care of the dissemination and popularization of ethnic culture;
  • To educate, form the general culture of the society;
  • Take care of the dissemination of professional art;
  • To organize cultural activities in Samogitian Naumiestis, Gardam elderships;
  • To cooperate with educational institutions in Samogitian Naumiestis, Gardam; • To meet the socio-cultural needs of Šyliai, Ramučiai, Degučiai communities.

Areas of activity

To create conditions for researching, capturing and popularizing ethnocultural values, adapting them to the needs of modern life; To gather ethnographers, amateur art groups, cultural and educational workers, artists, public organizations seeking to preserve and promote the culture of this country; To mobilize funds for the organization of the activities of the Cultural Center and for the implementation of ongoing cultural projects; To coordinate the activities of amateur art groups, to take care of their participation in local, regional, republican and international projects; Organize entertainment, educational and other events; To create conditions for the dissemination of professional art; To take care of employment of children and youth, artistic education; To submit applications to the Ministry of Culture of the Respublic of Lithuania; Accumulate an archive of ethnic culture data; Develop and implement arts education programs.


Valery Krutikov
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